Randomly Triggered Wild Reels Bonus Games

Slot machines can and do offer all manner of what may just turn out to be very high paying bonus games and/or bonus features, and it is often those bonus games and features players will be looking for when selecting just which slot machines to play.

However, in regards to which bonus futures can award some mega sized winning payouts, we have found it is often the slots offering players something known as a randomly triggered wild reel bonus feature that can award them with huge sized winning payouts!

If you have never come across such a bonus feature before then allow us to introduce you to a range of slot machines on which you will trigger such a feature, and those slots are listed below for you along with a full overview of how those bonus features will play out.

How Do Wild Reels Bonus Features Work?

Being completely random in regards to the way they are triggered, players never know when one of these types of bonus features will be triggered, however it is at the moment in time a player clicks onto the spin or start button that they could be triggered.

When they are the reels will spin for slightly longer than normal and often some form of animation is displayed on the screen, and possibly a unique sound effect too. Then one to five of the reels will get magically turned into completely wild reels covered in wild symbols, and as such when they stop spinning every in view reel symbol on those randomly selected reels will be wild symbols.wild bonus symbol

Due to the way the slots listed below have been designed what any player will be hoping happens is that every reel will be turned into a wild reel, as that way every pay line or way to win activated will result in a jackpot payout combination of wild symbols landing on all of those pay lines.

Which Slot Machines Have a Wild Reels Bonus Feature?

There are way too many different slot machines offering wild reels bonus features to list, however below you will find the most popular slots available to both online and mobile players that do have such a bonus feature on offer.

If you want to know where to play any of these slot machines then we would suggest you pay a visit to the www.newslotsites.uk website, for they list lots of brand new casino and slot sites that offer every category and type of slot machine and that site also has plenty of exclusive slot machine related player bonus offers and promotional deals too!

By the way you can play any of the following slots not only on a computer or laptop but any type of mobile device using the Android operating system or any type of Apple iPhone too.

Finer Reels of Life – There are four different types of free spins bonus games that you could trigger when playing off a single spin on the Finer Reels of Life slot, however this slot machine does boast a randomly triggered wild reels bonus feature known as the Wild Celebration bonus feature. One reason this slot is worth playing is that the Wild Celebration bonus feature can award a massive 1.8 million coins once triggered!

Thunderstruck II – One of the most played slot machines that offer a wild reels bonus game, and in fact one of the very first online and mobile slot machines that offered such a bonus feature is the 243 ways to win Thunderstruck II slot. That bonus feature is known as the Wild Storm feature, and when triggered if all five reels turn wild then you will win a jackpot worth up to a whopping 2.4million coins!

Rugby Stars – The wild reels bonus feature on offer on the Rugby Stars slot machines plays out slightly differently than most other slots offering that bonus feature, for once triggered that bonus game which is known as the Wild Pass Feature is going to select one or two reels to turn completely wild which could be reels two, three and/or four.

Immortal Romance – One final slot offering a Wild Reels bonus game is the Immortal Romance slot, that bonus feature on that slot game is the Wild Desire feature and when playing it in addition to triggering that bonus feature you could also trigger a set of free spins too!

All of the above slot machines have been launched by the same company, and as such if you do fancy playing any of them lookout for casino sites that offer the range of Microgaming designed slots machines or casino sites using their gaming platforms.

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